Shooting a purpose, him
a code one river
smuggled stories in attempt
to draw closer.
His violence suffers from this.
--from The New York Sun, 5/02/02
A dungeon is as dungeon does
No help that the stars are --
No medals for that.
What appears appears
at times in books
which are ruthless inside
crawling with gamblers
and gunmen...
Poses fame as the safer nightmare
or if the numbers don't add up
No credit for that
Coming soon in the cardiac court...
to file under zeroing in...
-- from The New York Post, 4/30/02

The great tomorrow mystery
its bracelet shame
its living gets under your water.
Daughter the headache
spent fairly among a conflict
as if at home with affairs.

We hope expensive the stench of play
we suit hope right out of business.
YES take chance too old for death
more time in basic packages please.
Bishops? Let there be bishops.
Let there be traffic, and straw....
-- from The New York Post, 4/30/02

Jungle tattoos its regrets,
scouts a tour, fails to be lost.
Streets of insecure camera.
The red photographs.
"The year he died engulfed in paper
was precisely enough."
--from The New York Sun, 5/02/02
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