Concots [?], 12 sept '78

Dearest Danny,

I haven't heart anything from you yet, What is happening? I stay'd in Belgium until the 6th of september. I phoned to you to your place every day, and the lady had left a note under your door. Sunday the third I even took a taxy and come with my bags to you around nine o'clock, 9:30 in the evening. Monday, I went to ask in an other bar and gave my phone number to my father in case you came there. He has your mother's letter with the cheque you thought you lost. There had happened so many things that I did not want to go to France with Alain anymore. But Wednesday the 6th he came to the club, to take me with him, so...I went. Now I see that maybe it was the wrong thing I did. He is always gone with his truck, and I sit here all alone. Sometimes like now he go's away for 5 days. The children of the neighbors come to play or read but most of the time they get on my nerves.

Danny, I chased a dream with someone (you) who cared and...I did not see it. All the good times we had I'l never forget and I do hope those times come back. I think of you every day and expressly at night when I lay there with my cat. Please write to me?! I hope to see you soon again.

You are all I have, Dan! The only one I ever loved so much so intens

With all my haert Love Linda

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