I got your contact address in the chamber of commerce.I therefore picked a keen interest in its information and to request for this Business relationship with you. Briefly, may I take this liberty to introduce myself as the Auditor -General of the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC). I am privileged to be the chairman of the contract review committee set upby the present civilian government of Nigeria to audit and review payment of foreign contractors. Subsequently, an international audit was carried out with the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC), only to discover the sum of US $28m only their accounts as an unclaimed payment due to foreign Contractors.This indeed represent 10% of the total contract value demand by the contract awarding committee of the NNPC from the foreign contractors. I informed the Director-Gene! ral who oversees the daily activities of the cooperation. All we are looking for is a trustworthy person and honest partner who we can use his company or individual accounts to get this outstanding fund remitted overseas,this is a lifetime opportunity Considering the economic problem in Nigeria and we cannot afford to let it go. We therefore request you on our behalf to ensure the success of this transaction, hoping you will assist us. As a matter of fact, all modalities for the successful transfer of this money have been worked out, the present civilian government as approved the Payment of all foreign contractors and this US $28m outstanding is included, so, if this transaction attracts your interest, then we shall discuss on how to share the money and all it will take before the end of the transfer. Contact me immediately as you receive this letter through a return e-mail. so that I can reach y! ou With detailed information on the next line of action. We are looking forward to your favorable response. Best regards.
dr usman biu